Castles - Handicraft and Ecomuseum of Jura

Caves, churches, castles and museums in Haut Jura.

Saint-Hymetière Church

at 23 km

One of the most famous Romanesque churches in Franche-Comté ( 11th - 17th centuries ).

Gigny abbey

at 22 km

A magnificent abbey founded in the 890.

Oliferne Pic

at 33 km

13th century castle ruins with and a wonderful view on the Coiselet lake, the valleys of the Ain and the Valouse.


at 17 km

A partially ruined 13th century tower.
Former castle and medieval village.

Moulin du Pont des Vents Ecomuseum

at 40 km

This mill was built in the middle ages became an ecomuseum.
Discover the cogs and mechanisms, and watch the manufacture of flour and bread.

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at xx km

The small mountain is the country of woodturning.
Visit the Robert Marichy workshop, in Néglia.
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A little further... the beauty is everywhere

Over 10,000 years ago in the Jura, the melting of the glaciers gave birth to numerous basins that has been transformed into lakes by melted waters and springs. There are 70 of them on the whole Jura mountains, 20 of which can be discovered on the Lakes Route. Sometimes wild and hidden, Jura’s lakes will satisfy those who just want to contemplate them as well as those who prefer to bath in them !

Baume les Messieurs

at 34 km

Unmissable, surprising, spectacular... , many adjectives to describe this exceptional site whose beauty is equal to its fragility.

Royal de Brou monastery

at 66 km

A masterpiece of Gothic art a church and three cloisters that house an art museum nowadays.

The parc des oiseaux ( The Bird Park )

at 111 km

In Villard les Dombes, there is a place where nature is queen and birds are kings.

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For the greedies

The comté is more than a famous cheese. In the Protected Designation Origin area where it is made, the comté symbolizes a unique and strong connection between mens and their land.
The comté, a regional product of the whole Jura mountains, invites you to discover our beautiful region on a greedy way ...

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Jura wine

The Jura department has many vineyards that have a range of wines for any occasions.

Jura specialties

Quenelles with Nantua sauce Nantua sauce is perfect to go with pike quenelles (dumpling).

Chicken with morels, try this delicious recipe of Bresse chicken with cream and morilles (morels).